List of non-FIFA and former national association football teams by nickname

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The following is a list of nicknames of non-FIFA and former national association football teams.


Non-FIFA teams

ConIFA teams

  • Nicknames in italics are commonly used in English.
Team Nickname English translation Notes Ref.
 Abkhazia Горцы The Highlanders From the Greater Caucasus mountains in northwestern Georgia.
Кавказцы Caucasians
 Artsakh Խաչակիրներ The Crusaders From the volunteer detachment of the Armenians from the diaspora who volunteered to fight in the Artsakh conflict.
 Barawa مدينة ﺑﺮﺍﻭة The Barawanis
 Cascadia The Dougies The Doug, or Douglas fir, is one of the primary symbols of the Cascadia bioregion.
 Chagos Islands
 County of Nice La Selecioun The Selection
 Darfur Darfur United
 Ellan Vannin Ellan Vannin Isle of Man
 Franconia Franken-Elf Franken Eleven
 Greenland Polar-Bamserne The Polar Teddy Bears Referencing the polar bears that live within Greenland.
 Kurdistan Region The Tricolour Team The Kurdistan region's flag is a tricolour of green, red and white.
 Kárpátalja kaːrpaːtɒjjɒ
 Matabeleland Ingqungqulu The Warrior Birds
 Northern Cyprus Kuzey Kıbrıs Millî Futbol Takımı
 Occitania La Seleccion The Selection
 Padania I Rossocrociati The Red Crosses The Saint George's cross has been used extensively as a symbol of Northern Italy. It was also included in the previous version of the flag of Padania.
 Quebec Les Québécois The Québécois
 Raetia Die Bündner The Grisons
 Romani people I Rom The Gypsies Romanis are referred to as "gypsies".
 Sápmi Lapps Laplanders
 Sardinia Sa Natzionale The National Team
 Skåneland Skånelandene The Scanians
 South Ossetia
 Székely Land
 Tamil Eelam Tamil Tigers Possibly a reference to the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, who fought for the region's independence from Sri Lanka.
 Tibet 禁断の集団 The Forbiddens Named after the Danish documentary on the team, called The Forbidden Team.
 United Koreans in Japan FC Korea
 Western Armenia The Highlanders
 Western Sahara Los Dromedarios The Dromedaries
 Yorkshire The Vikings The Vikings are major historical influencers of Yorkshire culture including dialect words and aspects of pronunciation derive from old Norse.
 Zanzibar Zanzibar Heroes
The Leopards

Other non-FIFA teams

  • Nicknames in italics are commonly used in English.
Team Nickname English translation Notes Ref.
 Basque Country Euskal Selekzioa The Basque Team
 Catalonia La Selecció The Selection
La Quatribarrada The Quadruple In reference to the four orange horizontal bands on the flag of Catalonia.
La Segadora The Reapers Els Segadors is the official anthem of Catalonia.
La Senacaf The Senacaf
 French Guiana Les Yana Dòkòs The Yana Dòkòs
 Micronesia The Four Stars In reference to the stars on the flag of the F.S. of Micronesia.
 Great Britain Team GB
 Guadeloupe Les Gars de Guadeloupe Guys of Guadeloupe
Les Boug'Wada Gwada Boys
 Martinique Les Matinino The Matatino Tribute to the history of the island.
 Northern Mariana Islands The Blue Ayuyus Ayuyu is the name given to the Cocount crab.
 Réunion Club R In reference to the initial for Réunion.
 Republika Srpska Бијели орлови
Bijeli orlovi
The White Eagles
 Saint Martin Saint Swallows [citation needed]
 Sint Maarten
  Vatican City

Former teams

  • Translations in italics indicate nicknames also used in English.
Team Nickname English translation Notes Ref.
 East Germany Weltmeister der Freundschaftsspiele World Champion of Friendlies Dubbed by Fritz Wutke, recalling the 3–3 draw in a friendly match against Brazil in the Maracanã Stadium coming from a three-goal deficit.
 Mandatory Palestine Eretz Israel Land of Israel
 Netherlands Antilles De Antilopen The Antelopes [citation needed]
 Serbia and Montenegro Plavi


The Blues [citation needed]
 South Vietnam Rồng Vàng Golden Dragons [citation needed]
 South Yemen صقور الجنوب Falcons of the South [citation needed]
 Soviet Union Красная Армия Red Army [citation needed]
 Yugoslavia Plavi The Blues [citation needed]
 Zaire Les Léopards The Leopards

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