Ensemble Citoyens

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Ensemble !
LeaderRichard Ferrand (LREM)
Secretary-GeneralStanislas Guerini (LREM)
Vice Presidents
Founded29 November 2021; 6 months ago (2021-11-29) (as Ensemble Citoyens)
Political positionCentre to centre-right
  •   Black
  •   White
  •   Yellow
46 / 348
National Assembly
245 / 570
European Parliament
23 / 79

Ensemble (lit.'Together') is a liberal political coalition in France. Formed in November 2021 as Ensemble Citoyens, it includes La République En Marche! (LREM), Democratic Movement (MoDem), Agir, Territories of Progress (TDP), Horizons, En commun, and the Progressive Federation.


Initial logo of the coalition

François Bayrou, the leader of the Democratic Movement (MoDem) has previously proposed the formation of a coalition that would include centrist and centre-right parties. In November 2021, president of the National Assembly, Richard Ferrand, accepted his proposal and together they had formed Ensemble Citoyens. Besides the Democratic Movement and La République En Marche!, Agir was also its founding member. In the following month, they were joined by the Radical Party, Horizons, Territories of Progress, and En Commun.

From its foundation in November, the coalition has been headed by Ferrand as its leader, Bayrou and Édouard Philippe as vice-presidents, and Stanislas Guerini as secretary-general. Jean Castex has also affiliated himself with the coalition. Philippe suspended its participation in the coalition on 14 January 2022, although, four days later he had announced that his party was reinstated into the coalition. In April, LREM announced that it would change its party name to "Renaissance", and a month later, the name of the coalition was shortened to just Ensemble. The Progressive Federation joined the coalition in May 2022.


Party Abbreviation Ideology Position Leader
Logo-LREM-noir.svg La République En Marche ! LREM Liberalism Centre Stanislas Guerini
MoDem logo 2019.svg Democratic Movement MoDem Liberalism
Christian democracy
Centre to centre-right François Bayrou
Logo Parti Politique Horizons - 2021.svg Horizons Horizons Liberalism Centre-right Édouard Philippe
Logo of French political party Agir.png Agir Agir Conservative liberalism Centre-right Franck Riester
Logo of the Territories of Progress.png Territories of Progress TDP Social liberalism
Social democracy
Centre to centre-left Olivier Dussopt
Radical Party PRV Liberalism Centre Laurent Hénart
Logo en commun.png En Commun EC Green politics Centre-left Philippe Hardouin [fr]
Progressive Federation FP Social democracy Centre-left François Rebsamen


The coalition aimed to bring the presidential majority of Emmanuel Macron together in order to present its joint candidates for the 2022 legislative election. In May 2022, Ferrand indicated their commitment for "a stable majority in the National Assembly", while Philippe specified that the program of Ensemble "is that of the Macron". Bayrou indicated that the parties would form a joint parliamentary group in the National Assembly. Some media sources consider it as a modern incarnation of Valéry Giscard d'Estaing's Union for French Democracy (UDF), founded in 1978.