Scandinavian diaspora

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The Scandinavian diaspora may refer to

Old diaspora

Viking and Old Norse

Scandinavian explorations, conquests, emigrations, and pioneering settlements during the Viking expansion Scrutinising the Viking Age through the lens of settlement offers a distinct perspective, highlighting their cultural profile distinct from their predatory reputation.

Modern diaspora

The term "Scandinavian diaspora" is also used to describe more recent emigrations and emigrants originating in one or more of the countries of Scandinavia.

Swedish diaspora

Swedish diaspora communities include:

Finnish diaspora

People emigrated to the United States, Canada, Ghana, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Italy, Ireland, United Kingdom, Pakistan, Sweden, Brazil and Argentina. They have also started Utopian communities in places including Australia, Brazil, Paraguay, France, Cuba, and Sierra Leone.

Finnish diaspora communities include:

Danish diaspora

Danish diaspora communities include:

Icelandic diaspora

Icelandic diaspora communities include:

Norwegian diaspora

Norwegian diaspora communities include:

The first modern Norwegian settlement in the United States was Norwegian Ridge, in what is now Spring Grove, Minnesota.

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