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There are many Ukrainian-Americans in the United States, including both original immigrants who obtained American citizenship and their American descendants.

To be included in this list, the person must have a Wikipedia article showing they are Ukrainian American or must have references showing they are Ukrainian American.

Actors and comedians

Artists and designers

Chess players

Government and civil servants

Engineers and business

Military officers and war heroes

  • Alexander Vindman - US Army lieutenant colonel serving as Director for European Affairs for the NSC
  • Jeremy Michael Boorda – US Admiral-Chief of Naval Operations
  • Bohdan Danyliw – US Brigadier General and staff judge advocate for the Air Force Systems Command
  • Myron F. Diduryk – Vietnam War Silver Star recipient
  • Samuel Jaskilka – General-Assistant Commandant of the US Marine Corps
  • Orest L. Kohut – Brigadier General US Air Force
  • Leonid Kondratiuk – Brigadier General in the Massachusetts Organized Malitia
  • Walter A. Kostecki M.D. – US Army Medical Corps Major; World War II POW and recipient of the Legion of Merit, the Bronze Star, two Purple Hearts and two Army Commendation Medals
  • Nicholas S. H. Krawciw – US Army Major General
  • William Lukash M.D. – Rear Admiral and Physician in the Naval Medical Corps; White House Physician for four sitting Presidents, from Lyndon B. Johnson to Jimmy Carter
  • Stephen M. Mellnik – US Army Brigadier General; World War II POW
  • Nicholas Minue – World War II Medal of Honor recipient
  • Nicholas Oresko – World War II Medal of Honor recipient
  • Michael Strank – World War II, flag raiser at Iwo Jima
  • John Basil Turchin – US Civil War Brigadier General
  • Russ Zajtchuk, MD – Major General, US Army Medical Corp



Religious figures

Sports figures

Scientists and scholars

Writers and journalists

Chuck Palahniuk, an American freelance journalist and novelist of Ukrainian descent.


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