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List of Turkish Americans

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The following is a list of notable Turkish Americans, including both original immigrants of full or partial Turkish descent who obtained American citizenship and their American descendants.

Most notable Turkish Americans have come from, or originate from, Turkey but there are also notable Americans of Turkish origin who have immigrated from, or descend from, the other former Ottoman territories, especially Turks from the Balkans, the island of Cyprus (e.g. Erden Eruç, Halil Güven, Hal Ozsan, Abdul Kerim al-Qubrusi, and Vamık Volkan, are of Turkish Cypriot origin), North Africa (e.g. Leila Ahmed and Nonie Darwish are of Turkish-Egyptian origin, and Mustapha Osman was of Turkish-Tunisian origin), and the Levant (e.g. Etel Adnan is of Turkish-Syrian origin; David Chokachi and Salih Neftçi are of Turkish-Iraqi origin; Nabila Khashoggi is from the Khashoggi family who are of Turkish origin).

Some Turkish Americans have also come to the US from areas where there is a modern Turkish diaspora; for example, Turhan Bey had an Turkish-Austrian background; Timothy Guy Kent has a Turkish Canadian background; Marie Tepe had a Turkish-French background; Ergun Caner has a Turkish-Swedish background; Kasim Edebali has a Turkish-German background; and Didem Erol has a Turkish Australian background.



American Civil War

  • Marie Tepe, vivandière who fought for the Union army

Architecture and design

Arts and literature



Cinema and television

Early Turkish settlers to the US

  • Ibrahim Ben Ali, Ottoman Turkish soldier and physician who arrived in the US in the late 1790s

Fashion design and modelling

House of Osman









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