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This is a list of notable Cajuns, often from the Acadiana or the Greater New Orleans region of French Louisiana, though not limited in geographic origin. To be included in this list, the person must have a Wikipedia article showing they are Cajuns or Cajun descent.


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  • Balfa Brothers, a cajun music band.
  • Vin Bruce (1932-2018), singer and Songwriter. Born in Cut Off, Louisiana. Was one of the first Cajun musicians to appear on the Louisiana Hayride and Grand Ole Opry. Was known as "the King of Cajun Singers" Also, known for 1961 Jole Blon and 1979 Cajun Country songs.
  • Lee Benoit (born 1959), accordion player and singer
  • Al Berard (1960-2014), Cajun fiddler, guitarist, singer and songwriter
  • Amie Comeaux (1976-1997), country music singer
  • Michael Doucet (born 1951) founder of the Cajun band BeauSoleil
  • Edwin Duhon (1910-2006), musician and co-founder of the Hackberry Ramblers
  • Cléoma Falcon (1906-1941), Cajun guitarist and vocalist, known for being the wife of Joe Falcon as well as being one of the first people to record Cajun music
  • Joe Falcon (1900-1965), American accordionist known for being one of the first people to record Cajun music
  • Mary Gauthier (born 1962), folk singer/songwriter
  • Hunter Hayes (born 1991), accordion player and singer, both parents of part Cajun descent
  • Beau Jocque (1953-1999), singer and accordionist
  • Doug Kershaw (born 1936), singer, songwriter, fiddler
  • Sammy Kershaw (born 1958), country music singer; candidate for Louisiana Lt. Governor
  • Beyoncé Knowles (born 1981), singer, songwriter, actress, descendant of Joseph Broussard on maternal side[citation needed]
  • Huey P. Meaux (1929-2011), songwriter, music producer, nicknamed "The Crazy Cajun"
  • Amanda Shaw (born 1990), singer, fiddler and actress
  • Wayne Toups (born 1958), musician
  • Jo-El Sonnier (born 1946), musician

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