Greenlandic Americans

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Greenlandic Americans
Kalaallit Amerikamiut

Grønlandsk Amerikanere
Flag of United States.svgFlag of Greenland.svg
Total population
American English, Greenlandic, Danish, Languages of Denmark
Christianity (Protestantism)
Related ethnic groups
Greenlanders, Danes, Greenlandic Canadian, Danish Americans, Faroese Americans, Scandinavian Americans, European Americans, Iñupiat, Native Americans

Greenlandic Americans (Greenlandic: Kalaallit Amerikkarmiut, Danish: Grønlandsk-Amerikanere) are Americans of Greenlandic descent.

Greenlandic Americans are often categorized as Scandinavian or Danish Americans, because of Greenland's status as an autonomous territory of Denmark. Some are in fact of Danish descent, though many are of Inuit ancestry, which is culturally distinct despite geographic similarities.

Notable Greenlandic Americans

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